NRG-Conseil represents the collaboration between companies specialized in electronic product design and energy-efficient solutions.

Founded in 2010 by Sébastien Grenier, an electrical engineer, NRG-Tronics is a company that offers conception services, products and electronic-circuits designs. With experience in the aerospace, rail and military sectors, NRG-Tronics has recently deepened its expertise in visible and infrared cameras. NRG-TestDrive was founded in 2014 to provide training, distribution and repair of charging stations for electric vehicles. Finally, to follow the passion of its founder for energy self-sufficiency, NRG-Sun recently started a new service of consulting and solar products distribution, with a specific training in systems connected to the network of Hydro Quebec with the “Mesurage Net” program.

Our passion for energy and self-sufficiency is our motivation.


Sébastien Grenier is a visionary engineer that stands out for his ability to accomplish delicate projects that are ahead of their time. He founded NRG to undertake innovative ideas with a total freedom. Close to the people on the ground, he has a unique vision of everyone’s needs and knows how to explain technological challenges to allow a technical understanding of what NRG designs or distributes. One of his greatest strengths is to be able to see the power of a product that does not exist yet. His passion is easily perceptible and is the foundation of all the trusting relationship he has with his partners and customers.

Innovation and creativity are the keys to NRG’s success. Our goal is to be a leader in electronic design innovation, especially regarding renewable energies.


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