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Founded in June 2010, NRG-Tronics Inc. offers design services and electronic solutions. Our expertise goes from electronic design to project management such as: portable devices powered by lithium-ion batteries, temperature control, motor control, audio intercom, electronic thermostat, Bluetooth module, FPGA, micro-controllers and more … Over the years, we also acquired expertise in electromagnetic compatibility and CE marking.



Before we begin a project, we do a profound analysis of your needs. Then, we suggest solutions that will allow you to achieve your goals. We are your right-hand in electronics.


Our strength is in electronic design and new ideas that we can implement in your products. You want products that stand out from the competition? This is what we offer. We have expertise in the aerospace, military and rail sectors. Energy efficiency, simplicity and design for future production of our circuits offer us great competitiveness on the market.


From the idea to the product: this is what NRG-Tronics can do for you. Take a look at our portfolio for more details on our creations.



We have the ability to design wiring diagrams using software such as Altium Designer. We have expertise in PCB design management while respecting the constraints of electromagnetic compatibility and high-speed signals. Being a member of the OIQ (Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec), we can approve and seal our plans and specifications if necessary.

We have experience in the following areas: Analog and digital circuits, Schematics and PCBs with Altium Designer in 3D, Micro-controllers MSP430 in C language, Xilinx FPGA in VHDL, Bluetooth low energy BLE, “Flight” environment, Electrostatic control ESD class 0, Optics and Laser for Telecommunication, Optics and Power Laser, Electromagnetic Compatibility, CE Marking, Infrared Camera, USB 3, GIGE, Ethernet, Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Lithium Ion Battery; Solar Energy, Heat, Sound (Energy Harvesting); Liquid crystal displays (LCD), High power LED display, Electronic control (PID), Motor control.

While always aiming for energy efficiency, the MSP430 is a family of micro-controllers that we know well and with which we like to work. It’s the most interesting micro-controller for its low power consumption. We are able to do digital and analog design around it and have the ability to write, program and debug the code. Other families of micro-controllers have been experimented over time such as Microchip, Atmel and ST-Micro. In terms of programmable logic, we worked with the Xilinx, Spartan6, Artix and Zynq families in USB3 broadband cameras.

Being designers, we have an expertise in reverse engineering to find the fault of some systems or find the cause of their failure. With external technical advice, you can have the view and the report of an expert to maximize your approach. In terms of technological innovation, we think and design five years or ahead of our time. This gives your product a head start on the competition. This innovation will be a vision of the future in your products.

Light emitting diode bulb

The best idea is often the simplest.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler” Albert Einstein

In this downloadable patent, you’ll see a dashed wiring diagram with the number #32 that includes two versions. The first version needs 10 pieces while the second version only needs 5 pieces. NRG-Tronics designed this diagram while considering the high manufacturing quantity. Each piece counts in order to get the highest profit margin.

Sébastien is a very skilled and efficient engineer that we can rely on. We had the chance to count on Sébastien’s consulting services to help us in several different projects ranging from industrial products design to space satellite system engineering. Sébastien always delivered high quality results within tight schedules and he’s a very good team player and a pleasure to work with. He adapts quickly to the customer environment and to changes and he’s always willing to take a new challenge. I highly recommend Sébastien and will continue to use his services when required.
Yanick Côté, Electronics Team Supervisor at ABB

I worked with Sébastien at Gentec-EO. Sébastien is a creative, very skilled and highly reliable engineer. He always delivers quality results. His engagement and professionalism are exemplary and his ethics are very high. I strongly recommend him.

Jean-Marie Trudeau, Sentinelle Nord - Université Laval

bastien Grenier is a remarkable innovator. He is an engineer always seeking to do better in order to meet the needs of his clientele. Visionary, he will know how to find creative ideas that will allow him to face competition with confidence. Moreover, Sebastien is a team-player on whom you can count at any time, which is very reassuring. I wish every company to have an engineer of Sebastiens class.

Stéphane Sévigny, Lumen


Check our portfolio.


We are in the social media and teleworking era. Unlike a traditional team, we have external resources at our disposal that are virtually added to our projects if needed, even if we are not physically together. We have strong trust relationships with our partners and we enjoy the opportunity and freedom to choose the best talents to carry out your projects.

The key to our success? Trust and efficient communication.


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